Wednesday, June 17, 2009

I'm sorry Nathan

To Nathan: The 'I'm very sorry' song
(from Calvin and Hobbes)

Calvin/Nick: Here's the 'very sorry song'
Won't you help and sing along?

Hobbes/Nathan: Bum bum bum

Calvin/Nick: I blew it!

Hobbes/Nathan: He's sorry

Calvin/Hobbes: I knew it!

Hobbes/Nathan: So sorry

Calvin/Nick: I'm very very sorry that
I took your precious flaaggg (or forgot your b-day!)

Hobbes/Nathan: Just don't do it any more,
you scurvy scalawaagg!

Nathan, I'm sorry I forgot your birthday,
I hope it was awesome, you're the best.
I'll think of someway to make it up to you
(arranged bride in India?!?!)
Anyway things are good on my front,
I'm on vacation in cape may with the family
My brother and I slow roasted a
pork shoulder yesterday for a BBQ and it was delicious.
Other than that just been seeing friends and
family which has been really nice.
On friday I leave for camp.
Send me a letter and I can send you one back:
Catoctin Quaker Camp
12611 Tower Rd.
Thurmont MD 21788

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